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9 exercises you should add to your routine

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Here is my list of top 9 movements patterns (with variations) that everyone should add to their routine.

1. Squats

Squats are arguably the king/queen of strength exercises. They work a variety of muscles in the body from your legs and glutes (bum muscles) to your core and lower back. There are many variations to choose from depending on your goal, mobility, what you enjoy feel comfortable with. The traditional squat is performed with a barbell, but they can also be performed with dumbbells, kettlebells or just bodyweight.

Other variations include:

2. Deadlifts

This is another classic strength movements that involve any exercise that requires you to hinge from your hips. They are often most people's favourite exercise as they can safely go heavy. Like the squats, there are different variations of the deadlift to decided from depending on your goal, mobility, and preference. The barbell deadlift is the most common variation, but a lot of my clients opt for the trap bar as they find the position easier.

Other variations include:

3. Overhead press

This is an upper body exercise that builds shoulder, triceps (back of the arms) and chest strength. Like the first 2 movements, they can also be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebell and can be done sat down or stood up, depending on your goals and what you prefer.

Other variations include:

4. Bench press/ Push-ups

These are another classing exercise that build chest, triceps, and shoulder strength. They can easily be adapted depending on your start point and your goals.

A few variations includes: chest press, push-ups, dumbbell bench press etc.

Other variations include:

5. Rows

These are essential to developing back strength and muscles. They can also be very easily adjusted to suit your goals and starting point and there are very many variations to try out and enjoy. When performing any rowing exercise, it is important to lead the movement with your elbows are not just pulling yourself or the weight up. This will help you engage the right muscles.

Other variations include:

6. Pull downs or pull-ups

These are one of my favourite movement patterns to perform and either are essential movement pattern to developing a strong back and building back muscles. Like the Rows, there are many variations to choose from, and they can be adjusted to suit your start point.

7. Single leg movements

These are arguably the hardest movement on the list as they require you to focus on one leg at the time which builds a lot of stability and strength. Some classic single leg movements, include lunges, step-ups, split squats etc.

Other variations include:

8. Loaded carry

These are an underrated movement pattern, but they are brilliant for building core strength and stability, correcting posture and are a fun to add to your training!

Other variations include:

9. Face pull

Lastly face pulls are important exercises for shoulder health. They are very easy to perform and set up and are a great addition to your training to develop a well-rounded and healthy body.

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