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Hi my name is Tim, welcome and thanks for visiting my page!


I am a strength coach and certified personal trainer with a speciality in strength training for those over 40, although I work with people of all ages. I believe that strength training is a vital tool in building and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

I have worked as a personal trainer for more than 4 years, and competed in powerlifting for 2 years. My knowledge and experience coupled with my patient and simple approach to weightlifting has introduced many people to weightlifting and loved it, achieving more than they thought they could and enable them to exceed their strength and physique goals. I have my level 2 and 3 personal training qualifications, levels 4 and 5 strength system qualification and a level 3 nutrition certificate. 


Strength movements such as squats, hinges, presses etc, are easy to learn and are a part of our natural lives. They have been proven to be both a safe and effective way of building and maintaining strength and muscle mass, managing bodyweight (including fat loss), injury prevention and improving mental health.


I offer small group strength training for groups of 2–4 people and 1-to-1 sessions (in-person and online). For more information on the small group session click the button below or drop me a message to try out a session for FREE.

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