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Client Feedback

I started training with Tim during lockdown, when gyms and pools were closed, but it was OK to meet one other person.  I had crossed the age-60 threshold and my lifelong exercise had been in swimming, hiking, yoga, cycling and a bit of Pilates.  I would never have ventured into strength training in a group setting, but was missing my exercise and a friend recommended Tim for one-to-one training.  I can’t believe how far I’ve come in just two years.  From hardly being able to lift a 5k dumbbell, I can now deadlift up to 67.5kg, and am happily deadlifting 60k for multiple reps.  My overall strength is unbelievable compared to what I have been all my life, even though I was moderately fit.  I am 5’ 1” tall, weigh 56k, and had never thought I would have anything in common with all those big guys you see in the weights area in the gym.  Now I get what they’re doing and how good it feels!  


With Tim, I was guided through the journey of strength building from being an absolute beginner.  Having a personal trainer who intuits exactly what is right for you, both physically and mentally, in order to reach your potential, is invaluable.  Tim has worked on a programme for me without me even realising it, and after every session I go away thinking “I never thought I’d be able to do that”.   


With Tim, I’ve developed an overall, evenly balanced strength and stability from, literally, my head to my toes.  Previously I would occasionally have lower back pain through overextending; now I have a super-strong back, and knowing how to brace and protect it now comes naturally to me, I don’t even have to think about it, so have no more back pain.  


Ali P

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