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Monthly payment, billed on the first day of every month.

This is ideal for most people, especially beginners who are new to the gym and are unsure of where to  start, what goals to set and how to achieve them. This is also perfect for those who are not seeing the progress they want or those that  need accountability and some to keep them on track. 

£60 per sessions

This includes your PT sessions, training programme delivered via my app, nutrition advice and recipe ideas.


Online Coaching

Monthly customised training Programme with access to demo video, and personalised feedback to guide you.  This is like having your PT on your phone 24/7.


Pricing: Pricing

Bulk sessions  

One-time payment

This is suitable for those who want to work on specific lifts in powerlifting or new to strength training and are  looking to learn how perfom the compound lift


Block of 4 sessions


Block of 8 sessions


Block of 12 sessions

Pricing: Contact
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