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Personal Training

Wellness through weightlifting

1:1 Personal training sessions

Exercise programmes and nutrition coaching tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals.

These are tailored face to face sessions in a quiet gym in Bath and Bristol.  For beginners, you will learn proper technique, taking you through your training routine, the importance of goal setting and building strength. All while having someone to keep you accountable. For those that are more advanced, these sessions can be used to create a training structure that is suitable for you., while pushing you and keeping accountable. As a strength specialist, I will also support you in your overcoming your sticking points, work on your technique and set new personal records.

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Online coaching

A stronger, healthier lifestyle awaits you. Contact me today.

Small group training

Tailored  small group Strength Training sessions for 2 - 4 people,  in Bath and Bristol.

This is perfect for whose looking to train with friends or looking to join a small group.  Complete beginners are welcome as well as those looking to maintain their strength and fitness or get even stronger.

With small group sessions, you will get a chance to figure out where to start, set goals and discuss any limitations you might have. The best part is that you will be doing this with a group of friendly and like-minded people, who will support and motivate you.

Our goal is to help you build and maintain full body strength. This will improve your mobility, balance, and overall wellbeing.

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Online personal training

Ongoing monthly programming centred around strength training

Monthly training programme that is aimed at helping you achieve your goals. This includes demo videos and technique cues to guide you through your training sessions. The programmes can be adjusted to suit your experience, access to equipment, and schedule. With online coaching, I will help you to improve your technique and make progress. You will be able to share videos of your lifts with me so that I can provide actionable feedback.

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