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Can I join as a beginner?

Yes! I have a beginner programme that runs for 1 -2 months (depending on your schedule). The programme introduces you to the fundamental (big) lifts, proper technique and teaches you how to engage specific muscles in order to optimise your lifts.

I can also work with you to provide nutritional guidance.

I don't have access to the gym, can I still follow the programme?

Yes! For each exercise I can provide alternatives, using only bodyweight, bands or dumbbells.

Can the Strength Based Training programme be customised?

Depending on your specific needs or goals, the programme can be altered so that you focus on certain body parts. For example, if your goal is to grow your lower body, the programme will be altered so that there is more emphasis on this.  
I also provide variations and/or alternatives for movements which members might have difficulty performing. For example if you are unable to perform a back squat,  alternatives such as the front squats, dumbbell squats, or even the leg press are prescribed as an effective substitute.

How is the Strength Based Training programme different from a regular workout plan?

The core of the Strength Based Training programme is understanding your body better and getting stronger. The programme is centred around improving your health and strength over time by focusing on the fundamental (big) lifts and performing accessory (smaller) exercises to improve the performance of the fundamental lifts. Each Month, we focus  a specific lift and work on setting new records on that lift. This approach ensures that you are constantly making progress and enjoying your training.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

All memberships and block sessions comes with nutritional guidance and sample diet plans that match your goals.
With the membership deal, you also get access to monthly recipes to try out and add to your nutrition to help you achieve your goals.

What type of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

This depends on your budget, space, training goals and training level. But for most people (ideally choosing strength):

A kettlebell (relatively heavy); set of dumbbells (one heavy and one light- you can get these in pairs if your budget allows); set of resistance bands; TRX Band/ pull-up bar.

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