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Our goal is simple: break the barrier between weightlifting (strength training) and the misinformation that certain groups are fragile and should not strength train or should focus more on cardio.

Healthy ageing was created to bring you up-to-date and science backed training methods, strength training and mobility movements. We are here to support anyone who feels like their age is a barrier to them making progress or starting this incredible journey of self-improvement via strength training in a safe, friendly and member driven environment.

  • 1:1 or small group sessions (2-4 members) focusing on teaching correct techniques and helping you achieve your specific goals

  • Nutrition advice and recipe booklets

  • Meeting like-minded people at group sessions

  • Regular workshops focusing on bring you useful and applicable information about health and wellness. (coming soon)

  • Specialist workshops and blogs on topics such as: sleeping better, mobility and flexibility, training and mental health, training pre, during and post menopause, managing a busy schedule. (coming soon)

What to expect

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