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The only 10 bodyweight exercises you need!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Here is the ultimate 10 bodyweight exercises you need to build a strong and resilient body. And you can do them all from home!

1. Air squats

Squats are regarded as the “king of all exercises” as they not only tax the legs but also help improve your hip, ankle, and knee mobility.

2. Push-ups

The push-up is one of the most fundamental upper body strength and mobility exercises. It targets the big muscles of the upper body such as your chest, triceps, and shoulders and helps improve the mobility of the shoulder joint.

If you are not feeling comfortable with full push-ups, try this slightly easier variation to help you get started.

3. Split squats

Split squats are another leg taxing exercise that helps build the glutes (bum muscles), and quadriceps (front of your legs). They are also a brilliant exercise for improving your balance and stability. Since this is unilateral exercise (performing one leg at a time), you can really focus on isolating each leg.

If you are struggling with stability on these, stand next and use that reach your arms out to use the wall to balance yourself.

4. Single leg hip thrust

Hip thrusts are another staple exercise in developing a well-balanced body. They target the glute muscles. As the glutes are one of the strongest muscles in the body performing this exercise one leg at a time will help you get the most out of the bodyweight variation.

5. World's greatest stretch

This exercise certainly lives up to the name. Although, this is more of a stretch and mobility movement, it is a brilliant exercise from improving mobility of the hips, shoulders and thoracic (upper back) area. Areas most people mind stiff due to their sitting for too long, poor posture, sleeping in a bad position or even the demands of working in front of a screen all day.

If you struggle with having your knee up, try this scaled down and simpler version

6. Bird dog

This is a staple exercise at Strength Based, which all my clients perform. A few benefits of Bird dogs include: core and spinal stability, improved shoulder mobility, better balance and coordination etc.

When performing this, keep your core tight to prevent your back from rounding as you reach out, and slow down the movement.

7. Side plank

All plank variations are good. Side planks are particularly beneficial as they target deep spinal (core) stabilising muscles, which builds a strong core and helps to reduce the risk of lower back pain.

To make these easier simple have your knees on the floor as opposed to having them up.

8. Hand walk-out

These are a “fun” exercise to add to the mix as they are a dynamic and gets the heart rate going! You can choose to perform this without the plank press at the end and simply walk out, so that your hands are in line with your shoulders.

9. Lunges

These are another famous lower boy exercise that really taxes the legs and glutes and also helps to improve balance and coordination. If you are struggling with stability on these, stand next and use that reach your arms out to use the wall to balance yourself.

10. Adductor side plank

These are probably the hardest exercise on this list hence why I have saved it for last. You also might be unfamiliar with these as the adductors are sadly often neglected, however, they are a very important muscle of the hips and play an important role in lower back, knee and hip health.

These very easy to regress (especially if you are trying them out for the first time). You can have more of your leg on the bench and rest the other leg on the floor to support some of your weight. As you feel more confident with the Adductor side plank you can have less of your leg on the bench to carry more of your bodyweight.

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